Aliplast Ultraglide

Sliding system with increased thermal insulation. It is an ideal system in commercial buildings that require open spaces. Thanks to its parameters, the Ultraglide system allows you to design structures with very large dimensions of drive wings. This system is most often used as the construction of terraces, verandas, winter gardens or patios.

Ultraglide system parameters
- number of chambers: 3-chamber sash, door frame: 3 or 5-chamber system
- profile depth: sash: 67mm, door frame - 153 mm profile width: sash 100 mm, frame 64 mm
- glazing: 6-53 mm
- possible combinations of two, three and four elements on the basis of a two-track system
- maximum load: 250 kg (sliding system), 400 kg lift and slide option
- fittings used: Sobinco or GU
- thermal insulation: thermal insert with widths 22 mm and 28 mm enriched with the addition of fiberglass.

Aliplast Visoglide

Sliding door system thermally insulated. All profiles of this system are three-chamber. Frame width: 99mm or 155mm, leaf width: 43mm. The use of two- and three-piece rails, on which the wings move, allows the opening of large spaces. Placing trucks under moving parts eliminates the danger of door hanging. Possibility of using fillings from 4 to 29mm. Possible combinations of two, three, four and six elements based on a two or three-frame rails.

- development of terraces, verandas, winter gardens
- patio

Aluprof MB-77HS

The MB-77HS system belongs to the products with the best parameters and meets all the requirements for this group of products. It has two different thermal insulation variants: ST and HI. The construction of profiles allows for the performance of exclusive doors with large dimensions, filled with one- or two-chamber glass, and the materials and technical solutions used help to achieve a high degree of thermal and acoustic protection. Thanks to its properties, this system is perfect both in single-family buildings and in comfortable apartments or hotels.

Functionality, aesthetics, design advantages
- durable and slender profiles allow the construction of low-threshold doors with a sash weight up to 400kg, height up to 3.2m and width up to 3.3m,
- a wide range of fillings, taking into account the use of one- or two-chamber sets as well as thermal breaks and additional accessories and insulating inserts allow to achieve very good thermal and acoustic parameters of the construction,
- glazing beams in three versions: Standard (rectangular), Prestige (rounded) and Style (shaped),
- closed shape of glazing strips and anti-burglary details allow to obtain increased anti-burglar properties without changing important structural elements of the door,
- special shapes of the sealing gasket and pane gasket and appropriate fittings ensure high tightness to penetration through water and air doors,
- profiles are adapted to the assembly of many fittings available on the market, manually and using automation,
- the ability to drive the door with an "HS-Master" controlled by a button or remote control,
- safety of using even large and heavy doors thanks to the "HS Speed ​​Limiter" mechanism available in the system,
- a large degree of compatibility with the MB-86 system enables aesthetic connection of MB-77HS doors with windows and the use of common components for their production,
- a wide range of colors that allows the arrangement of doors in any and independent interior design, both external and internal.

Technical parameters:
- Air permeability: Class 4, EN 12207
- Water tightness: class 9A, EN 12208
- Thermal insulation: Uf from 1.4 W / (m2K)
- Resistance to wind load: up to class C4, EN 12210

Aliplast Slide Plus

Sliding door system thermally insulated. Three-chamber door frame profile, one-chamber wing (the flat outer and inner part is joined by a thermal break). The frames come in two versions: with extruded track and a separate profile, on which the trolleys roll, fastened in the lower parts of the wings. Vertical wing profiles occur with a contoured handrail at the entire height of the wing. The filling of the fillings takes place at the stage of mounting the sash, in the notches of the C-shaped sashes without glass strips, on the gasket surrounding the filling. The filling thicknesses are 6 - 9 mm and 20 - 24 mm. The wing corners are joined by twisting, the frames can be twisted or crimped. Due to its properties, Slide Plus is a very popular system in the west and south of Europe.
- 2-, 3-, 4- and 6-sliding sliding doors.  

Aliplast Slide Cold

Internal sliding door system. The profiles used do not have thermal insulation. The sliding sash carts are mounted in the lower part of them. In this system it is possible to use double-wall (51/59 mm) or three-frame (99 / 103.5 mm) frames. Each frame is available in two versions: it is a contoured ridge, on which trolleys or frame and additional stainless steel rails are rolling. There is also a monorail designed for doors, in which the wing extends to the wall. The filling thicknesses 6 - 9 mm and 20 - 24 mm are possible.